Points of Interest

Dockside Eats

Manasota Key is full of beachside restaurants. Enjoy some of our favorite dockside eats:

Dock space at these locations are first-come-first served. Please be courteous of other boaters when docking.

Lunch on the coast ocean

Places to See

Near our location are some can’t miss experiences that are accessible by boat. As our crew for directions to these hidden gems.

  • Stump Pass Sandbar Relax on the beautiful Stump Pass Sandbar with the Gulf Beach just a few steps away!
  • Ski Alley Pull up onshore and swim in the calm & protected water, walk the beautiful nature trail to the beach, or just cruise and enjoy the view!
  • Don Pedro Island and Gasparilla Sandbar are two other great places to visit and are only accessible by boat. Our onboard GPS has these locations preloaded for your enjoyment!